My first cutting

She didn't seem to notice me. I was talking to my friend Tricia, who had been showing me some of her new whips. The whips were on the counter, and this American lady was very interested, she even asked if she could buy one. The whips were made by the whipmaker residing at Club Doma, the place we were having a women's playparty that night. Tricia works at the club as a professional submissive, I found out about the party through Tania who was organizing the party, I was kind of surprised to find Tricia there. The American woman was a butch, she seemed to be a dominant, and she was there alone. But she wouldn't pay attention to me as she was talking to Tricia and I tried to get her attention. So I turned to Tricia again, and I overheard the American woman talk to someone, about whips, and about other toys... when the Dutch woman showed her knife.
"I've never actually used it, it's a surgical knife that I can take with me" while she showed she could take the knife apart and a blade came out.
"You have done cutting?"
"No, never done it, I'd love to, but I haven't found someone to cut, as yet" I forgot about Tricia who was talking about the video they just made, she was very proud of her pic on the cover...
"Really? There must be women who like that, you just have to find them"
"I know, never found one though" and she walked away to pick up her drink from a table at the other end of the room. I smiled at the American lady.
"Do _you_ have a lot of experience in cutting?" I asked naively. She grinned. I enjoyed she did pay attention to me now.
"You bet I have."
"I've never been cut, but I'd certainly like that." The Dutch girl got her drink and joined us.
"Hey, it's not that difficult, I found you a woman to practice on" nodding at me.
"You mean you want to be cut?"
"Yes, as I told her, I've never done that but I'd like it very much." Turning to the American "did you bring any gear?"
"Sure, I always bring knives and stuff to parties. You never know you know." I couldn't believe to hear myself say "why don't you show her, you can make a cutting on me"
You know, I went to this party alone, my gf isn't into bdsm that much, she wouldn't come. I know she doesn't mind me having marks and stripes, she'd even expect me to have some marks. I don't have a playpartner at the moment, in fact I hadn't been going to parties at all for the last half a year since I met my gf. Somehow having her has been quite enough. What would she say if she saw the cutting marks? I decided I did want to find out. She wouldn't mind.

"You have in mind a particular design?"
"Uhm, no, you're the artist, is there anything you're particularly good at?"
"I like a spiders web. I also like feathers very much."
"Then I'll have a spiders web, I like to have something that's connected to you personally"
"How big should it be?"
"Uhm, dunno. How big can you make it?" She grins. "Any size you like. Where will you have it?"
"Any place you favor? I don't know anything about cutting, I don't know where you can cut"
"The back is most appropriate for a first cutting. How about this big?" indicating four inches.
"Sure, that's good. Any bigger would scare off my gf." I lay down on a bench, my head on the edge, my arms hanging down, my hands touching the floor. She opens a plastic box which contains little bottles, latex gloves, and a lot of other stuff. She picks up a handle and opens a little packages. In it is a surgical blade, ready to connect to the handle. Tricia is in charge of the music, I had asked her for Deep Forest. I like Deep Forest since Raelyn played Bohemia while she pierced my labia. The paper towel feels cold as my back is rubbed with a fluid.
"Are you comfortable?" I smile at her. I couldn't be more comfortable.
"If there's anything, just say so. We want you to be comfortable". How nice she is to me, where only less than an hour ago she completely ignored me. She talks about her wife, and about kids, and about a lot of things I don't hear. D is paying attention to everything she does.
"I clean up the area with a soapy solution, then I take away the soap with alcohol" D is very curious, as we both know chances are she'll be the next person to cut me. It's strange, two hours ago I didn't know D, nor the American woman, and now they're about to cut my back.
"Are you comfortable? Is it ok if this girl strokes you while I cut?" pointing at a woman behind me, I can't see her. I smile. Anything, I'll do anything for a new experience.
"Now relax, just lie down, you'll be all right, I won't cut deep at all" I sigh. I relax. And I feel the tip of the blade touch my shoulder. It doesn't hurt. I hardly feel the blade as it goes through my skin. I feel her fingers widen the cut she probably made. I feel a paper towel on my skin, apparenly she removes some blood. I'm being cut! The second cut I can feel, like the third and the fourth. I stop counting. I lay down and relax. I feel the blade go through my skin in a very long cut and I take a deep breath.
"Good girl, breath with the cut. Here's a long one, are you ok? Just relax" I smile at her. I couldn't feel better. Soon after the first cut I feel the endorphins rush my body and my head. The effect is much stronger than from a whipping or even a proper caning. I fly away………
"Here we go" and I take a deep breath again. The cut takes longer than I can keep taking a breath. I feel her strong fingers pull the edges of the cut. Later, I'll find out that she does that to make the blood come out a little, so creating a red stripe as if the line was made by a pen and red ink. It sure looks like red ink. Then, she makes a series of quick short cuts. I can't figure why a spiders web would need a series of short cuts. How could I have known she'd make a couple of feathers hanging down from the web?
"Here's another long cut, just relax and take a deep breath" Somehow, the cuts get more painful. I have a lot of experience with whips and canes, this is different. A cane hurts most at it's first few strikes. Then, even if the strikes are harder, when the endorphins come I don't feel the pain any more. Now, this cutting does hurt even with the endorphins rushing my body. What surprises me is that while the first cutting, I could hardly feel, now I do feel the pain. The long cuts do hurt a lot. I groan. I feel a tiny tear come up in my eye, but although I don't mind crying, my eyes stay dry. D is almost speechless. I know she's watching carefully. Every once in a while the American woman talks to her, explaining what she's doing or giving advice on do's and don'ts.
"You don't want to push the knife. It cuts deep enough even without pressing. If you press, you'll cut right through to the bone" I feel hands stroking my back and my bare bottom. Small hands, they feel very soft. I fly, higher than I've ever done before, and believe me I've felt these endorphins before. Yes, I fly...
She can't take her eyes off my back. The girl who's been stroking me is a gorgeous dark haired Indonesian looking woman dressed in lack, she's very sexy. I turn around, to see a spiders web with three feathers hanging down, in bright red ink. Small drops are still coming out, just a few though. I turn to the one who did that to me and hug her.
"It's beautiful, thank you so much for doing that, I like it so much!" She smiles at me. I hug her again. I kiss her cheeks and turn to the mirror again. It's quite big, a three inch spiders web with four inch feathers hanging down. She couldn't resist to make those feathers.
"Oh, thank you so much!" More women come into the room, women who haven't dared to watch but who are very anxious to see the results. I show them. D is inspecting my back, admiring the details. I sure hope she has learned a lot, and also I hope she's impressed by my taking the cutting, I do want her to cut me some time, soon as she thinks she can do it. She smiles at me.
It's Wednesday now, four days after the party. Yesterday night, my gf assisted me in taking some pictures of my back. The cutting has healed pretty quickly, though I found some blood on the sheets on Monday morning. It's still very beautiful. My gf doesn't want it to be permanent, I know it won't be permanent, but still, I guess I wouldn't mind very much if some of it stayed visible for a long time. I'd want to have some sign reminding me of that remarkable lady who made such a fine work of art on my back.